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Leadership and Governance

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Leadership and Gorvernance

MPIDO - Mainyoito Pastoralists Integrated Development Organization.

Established in 1996 and registered as a non-governmental organization in 2000. MPIDO envisions a just and equitable society that recognize and upholds human rights and the fundamental freedom of indigenous peoples’. As indigenous people in Africa undergo political, economic and social challenges, MPIDO curves her niche into pursuing Livelihoods, climate change intervention, mitigation and adaptation; governance and conflict resolution, natural resource management; Gender, women and youth empowernment responses targeting all pastoralists, hunter and gatherer communities. Through years of expertise and experience, Mpido now serves the marginalized needs of all Indigenous peoples at a Pan african and Global Stage.

  • To promote and secure the rights of the indigenous communities with regard to land and natural resources.
  • To enhance the capacity of the indigenous peoples to actively participate in national, regional and global processes at all levels.
  • To build unity and solidarity among the Indigenous peoples, locally, regionally and globally.
  • Empower indigenous peoples’ communities and their organizations on their rights and issues including intellectual property rights.
  • To advocate for the rights of the indigenous peoples at all levels.

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MPIDO has a governing body of 7 Board members(3 women and 4 men) that provide policy direction,
maintain independent oversight of the management, and ensures effective strategic planning.

Joseph ole Simel

Executive Director

Ann Samante

Finance & Administrative Manager

Daniel Salau Rogei

Program Cordinator

Eunice Nkopio

Program Cordinator

Elijah Toirai

Knowledge Management

Florence Sakuda

Administrative Assistant

Beatrice Sereya

Gender Specialist

Daniel Komoi

Program Officer

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"Once you exclude any part of society, whatever action you do will be partial and ineffective" Joseph Ole Simel - MPIDO Director

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  • +254723561012
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A just and equitable society that recognizes and upholds human rights and the fundamental freedom of indigenous people