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Land & Natural Resources Management Rights Program

For over a decade, Mainyoito Pastoralist Integrated Development Organization (MPIDO) has continued to respond to the natural resource management needs of the poor and marginalized communities in Kajiado, Narok, and Nakuru and Baringo counties. These have been through community mobilization and establishment of resource centers, civic education and training of paralegals and through public interest litigation, management committees including land and water resources, policy advocacy at local and national level. Major support for this program has been through the IWGIA with funding received for the last 9 years.


Public interest litigation (PIL)

Among other great achievement in the public interest litigation is:

  • Reduced level of land selling in place with land restriction such as Loodariak and mosiro.
  • Reduced inter-ethnic conflict between Maasais and other community particularly in Nakuru County, this is as results of exploring court as mechanism of resolving conflict.
  • Other improvement is successful court decision for Elangata oltpesi,Nkampani, Ilchamus constituency case, Ilchamus environmental case kibiko land case among others.

Capacity Building

  • Community understanding on process of law making has increase as results of several advocacy training
  • The level of community participation on issues of policies enhanced


Being an organization that supports rural development in pastoral regions, MPIDO is keen on maintaining its local roots and presence. In this regard MPIDO plans to establish community based resource centres in all districts where it operates.

MPIDO has already established three, (3) functional resource centre at Oltepesi (Kajiado county) and MajiMoto at (Narok) and Namuncha at (Nakuru county).

Overall Objective

To contribute towards Maasai pastoralist community access to and control of land and natural resources for sustainable use.

Immediate Objective 1:

To facilitate Maasai Pastoralist communities in Kajiado, Nakuru, Narok and Baringo access to and control over land and natural resources through legal support.

Immediate Objective 2:

To strengthen community capacity to participate in decision making and governances of natural resources in Kajiado, Nakuru, Narok and Baringo districts.


First Pillar: Public Interest Litigation

Use of litigation, or legal action, which seeks to advance the cause of minority or disadvantaged groups or individuals, or which raises issues of broad public concern. during the current strategic plan the MPIDO plan to provide legal support to the following land and natural resource cases Fifteen (15) community natural resources cases

e.g. Mau forest eviction, KenGen Geothermal mining, ILood-Ariak land and Mosiro case, Kitet, Kidong, Oloonongot, Namuncha, Olkiramatian/Shompole cases and Oldonnyo-onyokie.

Second Pillar: Community and Partner’s Organization Capacity Building

This component work toward enhancing community and stakeholder’s capacity to engage policy makers to establish legislation that are indigenous peoples friendly.  The community illiteracy level on constitutional and land related policies is high, this therefore demand for community capacity building to enhance their participation in policies engagement and general fighting for their land rights. Some of the training includes women trainings and the youth, group ranches committees among others.

Third Pillar: Lobbying and Advocacy

The organization through lobbying and advocacy has been able to engage policy maker to ensure that constitutional provision on issues of indigenous peoples and their livelihood are taken into consideration in law making.

Fourth Pillar: Network and Collaboration.

To achieve it is objective the organization embrace working in collaboration with communities, professional, government ministries and international institution and partners.