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Indigenous Peoples Capacity Building Project

MPIDO’s other key programmatic area is capacity building of indigenous peoples.


Indigenous Peoples Assistance Facility(IPAF)

MPIDO has time and again being in forefront in building both the capacity of indigenous Peoples and Indigenous Peoples organization. In this light MPIDO has managed to mobilize resources specifically meant for this activity. MPIDO has run a project funded by IFAD known as Indigenous Peoples Assistance Facility (IPAF) from 2011- 2015.

MPIDO was managing the IPAF project in the Africa region of which MPIDO was responsible for channeling resources to organizations awarded grants by the IPAF Board, and for monitoring and supervising the IPAF-funded projects.

The Overall goal of the IPAF Project was to empower indigenous peoples’ communities and their organizations to foster their self-driven development.


  • Empower indigenous peoples’ communities and their organization to design and implement development projects based on their identity and culture.
  • Build the capacity of indigenous peoples’ organization to manage financial instruments that support grass-roots development initiatives

Generate and share knowledge on indigenous peoples’ development initiatives.


Indigenous Peoples varied sources of livelihoods, Forests for DRC pygmies


Camels for Gabra of Kenya

MPIDO was therefore in charge of 10 projects in 8 African Countries as per the table below:


Partners/Organizations Country
Parakuiyo Pastoralists Indeginous Community Development(PAICODEO) TANZANIA
Mbororo Social and Cultural Development Association of Cameroon(MBOSUDA) CAMEROON
Initiative for Living Community Action(ILCA) ETHIOPIA
Multi Community Based Development Initatiative(MUCOBADI) UGANDA
Association Protection des Resources Naturelles pour le Bien-Etre de la population Burundi(APRN/BEPB) BURUNDI
Alternatives Durables pour le Developpment(ADD) CAMEROON
Maison de l’enfant et Femme Pygmees (MEFP) CAMEROON
Programme D’ Intergration Et Developpement du peuple pymee Au(PIDP) RD CONGO

Capacity building Project on Forests

 MPIDO also did manage to source funds from the World Bank’s Forest Carbon Partnership in regards to the capacity building of indigenous Peoples on Forests.

This project was managed by MPIDO through an Indigenous Peoples Network called Indigenous Peoples National Steering Committee on Climate Change(IPNSCC).

This project emanated around doing different studies in the 7 regions that are occupied by indigenous Peoples in Kenya.

The studies that were undertaken in this research were

  1. IPs traditional Leadership and Governance Manual
  2. IPs National indicators on REDD+
  3. IPs Financing and Benefit Sharing Mechanisms
  4. Land Tenure and Indigenous Peoples in the context of REDD+