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Governance Program

Strategic Objective

To lobby and advocate for legal and policy frameworks that protect and promote the interests of Maa speakers; and facilitate peaceful coexistence of different communities in the Arid and Semi Arid areas.

Project Objectives

  • To promote dialogue and reconciliation between the Maa speakers and other communities
  • To advocate for comprehensive policies and programs that address the socio-cultural, economic and political concerns of the Maa speakers
  • To enhance community capacity to effectively participate and engage in policy formulation, review and other civic matters.

gp1 gp2

Figure 1 & 2: participant giving views during intra community dialogues in Loitoktok


MPIDO has been in forefront in advocating for various climate change interventions within the indigenous peoples territories. In this regard therefore MPIDO has been organizing various global events ensuring key participation of indigenous peoples nationally, regionally and globally.

MPIDO has always had its delegation in the UNFCCC meetings since Cop 15 in Copenhagen to date.

MPIDO also organized and facilitated the Pan African Indigenous Peoples Dialogue with the FCPF’s World Bank in Arusha, Tanzania.

MPIDO also organized and facilitated the African Regional Preparatory meeting to the WCIP 2014 that was held in Nairobi, Kenya

MPIDO also organized the Africa Strategic Workshop to the World conference in preparation to WCIP.