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Our Vision

A just and equitable society that recognize and upholds human rights and the fundamental freedom of indigenous peoples

Core Values

  • Commitment to serve the needy and marginalized people,
  • Justice and equity, human rights for all,
  • Community involvement and participation at all levels,
  • Gender equity and equality,
  • Transparency, accountability and professionalism,
  • Commitment to serve and protect the environment,
  • Networking and partnership

Our Mission

To promote, facilitate and create an enabling environment to realize human rights, secure natural resources and livelihoods for sustainable development of indigenous peoples’; mainly the Maa speakers.

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    Livelihood Program

    Improve food security of the Pastoralist living in the Arid and Semi-Arid areas of Eastern Africa

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    Land & Natural Resources Management Program

    To contribute towards Maasai pastoralist community access to and control of land and natural resources for sustainable use.

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    Governance Program

    To lobby and advocate for legal and policy frameworks that protect and promote the interests of Maa and facilitate peaceful coexistence of different communities.

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    Gender & HIV/AIDS Response Program

    To reduce the community vulnerability to HIV/AIDS and opportunistic infections and integrate and mainstream HIV/AIDS in all programs in the area of focus

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    Girl Child Education & Women Empowerment Program

    To advocate for girl child education in the through protection from harmful cultural practices and access to equal opportunity in terms of education.

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    Indigenous Peoples Assistance Facility (IPAF)

    To empower indigenous peoples’ communities and their organizations to foster their self-driven development based on their identity and cultures

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    Climate Change

    To increase awareness on climate change and REDD+, and national forest conservation policies and laws among indigenous peoples’ Communities through active Participation

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    Forests Conservation and Community capacity building

    To enhance the capacity and knowledge of forest-dependent IPs in order to engage more meaningfully in the REDD+, FCPF Policies and Dialogue

Expression of Interest (EOI) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Membership

Jul 26, 2016 by Elijah Toirai Category: Uncategorized 0 comments

Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) -Pan-African Forest Dependent Indigenous Peoples FCPF Capacity Building Program on REDD+ Project   Date: 17 July 2016                           Reference: EOI: 09/FCPF/2016 MPIDO is the Regional Intermediary for the Forest-dependent peoples Capacity Building Program supported by the FCPF/WB for the African region. The implementation arrangements for the […]

Demande de déclaration d’intérêt (DDI) Comité consultatif technique (CCT) adhésion

Jul 26, 2016 by Elijah Toirai Category: Uncategorized 0 comments

Demande de déclaration d’intérêt (DDI) Comité consultatif technique (CCT) – Programme panafricaine de la société civile FCPF de renforcement des capacités sur le projet REDD+ DATE: 17 Juillet 2016          Référence : EOI: 09 / FCPF / 2016 MPIDO est l’intermédiaire régional pour le programme de renforcement des capacités de forêt-dépendant peuples autochtones soutenu par le […]

Appel à propositions Annonce

Jul 19, 2016 by Elijah Toirai Category: Uncategorized 3 comments

Appel à propositions Annonce MPIDO est en train de recevoir l’appel de soumission de proposition pour renforcement des capacités et des actions de sensibilisation pour foret -dépendant peuples autochtones, sur REDD + en Afrique. Les peuples autochtones intéressés et leurs organisations et leurs réseaux représentatifs sont priés de faire parvenir leurs propositions de projets pour […]

Our Partners

  • 1. IWGIA
  • 11. TETEBBA
  • 12. NORAD
  • 13. Development & Peace
  • 14. MISEREOR
  • 15. IFAD
  • 16. World Bank
  • 17. Oxfam Ireland
  • 18. Tamalpais Trust
  • 19. Ford Foundation
  • 2. European Union
  • 20. CanAssist